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Our Wonderful Team


1. What do you feel is the biggest strength of JNM Creators? To design a space in accordance with clients taste.

2. What has been the biggest challenge in your life which you had to overcome? The most challenging moment of my life was the moment when me and my parents had a forecast for nothing but a subtle life and to rise out of that by learning every new thing possible and making a better me.

3. What are your outside interests? Travelling, Music, Sports and Exploring.

4. Which Bollywood actor is your favorite? Aamir Khan

5. What is finish line to you? My finish line seems to be the optimum knowledge you have in which ever field you are and efforts for the same.

6. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Mr Dharmesh Kamdar i always want some of his qualities like his energy, working pattern and his ethics.

7. What's your super power? My understanding and decision making in a situation considering both the sides of the coin and and my urge to have a thorough knowledge for the topic i am working on be it any can be termed as my superpower.


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Place which lets me walk through hidden potentials

2. If you had millions to donate for which cause it would be? Hunger and poverty

3. Favourite Cuisine? Italian

4. Favourite web series? Sherlock

5. Book you are reading currently? Zero to One


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Whole and sole

2. What is your favourite TV channel right now? NDTV Good Times

3. What advice would you give to your ten year old self? Don’t be shy

4. Which JNM project do you love the most and why? Harni Project because I handled it individually.

5. Have you ever gotten lost on purpose? No


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? A place where i found the new me

2. Yours Dream Place? Alaska

3. Who inspires you? My Dad

4. Craziest thing you have ever done? Trip to Manali without letting anyone know

5. Favourite Mocktail? Blue Topaz


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Where I will grow and work towards achieving optimum.

2. Favourite street food? Burger

3. Who is your inspiration? My Mom

4. 3 things in your bucket list? Bungee jumping, Driving a Ferrari, Exploring the world

5. Advice you would give to ten year old self? It’s a big world out there be strong.


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Daily escapade from the normal routine

2. 3 things in your bucket list? Watch Northern lights,Sky-diving, Deep sea diving

3. Early bird or a night owl? Early bird

4. How do you de-stress? Listening to music

5. What’s your favourite drink? Aam Pana


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? It is all about togetherness and fun

2. Your hobby? Making new things

3. Favourite Movie? Hera Pheri

4. Favourite street food? Sandwich

5. Hidden Talent? Yet to be discovered


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Where my ideas converts into designs

2. Must have in your stationary kit? Coloured pencils and grade pencils

3. Favourite book? How to win Friends and Influence People

4. Weirdest thing you have done? Blew whistle in my class

5. In a parallel universe, what is your profession? Forest officer


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? The place I worship

2. What is your favourite food? Haldi ki sabzi

3. Most important tool in your kit? My Saw

4. Favourite color? Grey and white

5. Favourite Actor? Rajesh Khanna


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Everything to me

2. Your favourite bike? Hayabusa

3. What is your hobby? Going on long drives

4. Milk or Coconut water? Coconut water

5. 3 Destinations you wish to travel? New Zealand, Seychelles, Mt. Everest

1. Do you make your decisions by listening to your heart or your mind? My strength is to be a kid from inside even at this point in my life that's why I always listen to my heart.

2. Did you see it coming or it was a total surprise? A huge surprise

3. Down moment of your journey? Life is like a roller coaster to me the higher you go deeper you will fall same happened to me also in 1998 I was detected with Asthama where after a gap of 5-6 years i had to start again from the scratch.

4. Life advice you would like to give everyone out there? I just wanted to tell readers that humbleness is one of the best quality in a person and one should always believe in karma because whatever goes around will come around.

5. Your most favorite song?  My favourite song is Mere Desh Ki Dharti from movie Upkar.

6. Which was your life changing moment? When i saw Jeetu for the first time on his own knees.

7. Is that you have a role model in your life? My mother


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? My Second Family

2. Which song in your playlist is at the top? Arziyaan

3. Who is your inspiration? Virat Kohli

4. Where are you the happiest? With my partner

5. In a parallel universe, what is your profession? Policeman


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Home

2. What is your favourite breakfast? Paratha

3. What is your proudest moment? Winning a medal in athletics

4. I phone or Android? An android phone with I phone camera

5. Best memory? Trip to Vananchal with Jnm Family


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? My Home

2. Use one word to describe yourself? Hardworking

3. Fun fact about you? Can make any one laugh

4. Previous job? Operator

5. Favourite Cricketer? Sachin Tendulkar


1. What is JNM CREATORS to you? Where i have seen myself growing

2. Favourite movie? Final Destination

3. Pav bhaji or Veg Fried Rice? Pav Bhaji

4. One thing you cannot live without? Netflix

5. What would be your job role if not this? Travelling Manager