Flydocs Corporate office





Flydocs Corporate office

We're delighted to share the images of the corporate project "Flydocs India Private Limited". This corporate space was designed to create an ECO-Friendly environment while giving professionalism utmost priority.

Starting with the lounge space, we designed an ECO-friendly wall that will add a natural ambiance to your work and enhance productivity. Sustainable designs not only focus on saving energy and natural resources, but also on increasing the well-being of those who work in the space we design, adding to their comfort, enhancing their experience, boosting their productivity, and improving the quality of their lives while being environment friendly.  Invigorate your working mind with a bright and welcoming color. To make the workspace more inviting (and we all know that feeling of being bored by the work desk)nothing can be more appropriate and attractive than a brightly colored welcome mat. Colourful decor can be very effective in rejuvenating an otherwise monotonous long working day. Customized metal partitions can add an extra touch of creativity to a simple looking office.The partitions are two functional and stylish ways to separate office or living spaces while adding a
striking midas touch to the modern interior design. For the Workstations, the interior design has mostly focused on creating technology-friendly and sustainable environments for the workers. Tagboards have been fixed to set work reminders to make things easy and accessible. Conference tables form an invaluable part of a company. It is the place where ideas arise, strategies are developed, and where customers are received. To stay in line with our concept of an environmentally friendly workplace, we designed a cross-section of raw wood planks. The director’s cabin is the most significant room in every office as all the significant decisions and meetings are executed here. MDF Groove design in white in this cabin displays optimum utilization of space. Breakout areas allow employees to relax, recharge, hold informal meetings, and work. Bookshelves have been incorporated for reading and brainstorming in a peaceful environment by adding plants to boost creativity and productivity.

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