Doctor's Residence





Doctor's Residence

We had a concept in our mind, simple yet exclusive. The client had an essential requirement for a 3- bedroom house so we worked to the best of our creative ability.Keeping the entrance welcoming by an artifact made of foyer and a wooden piece of art, we designed it to make people feel welcomed with some positive energy. In this particular project, we had a concept of playing and merging nature with wood to make the place more peace worthy and calm. Yellow is the color we chose for the furniture in the living room because when it's time for sunrise in the morning, the room's sciography plays a different role, and yellow itself represents happiness. For the living wall pattern, CNC cutting was used in order to enhance the natural atmosphere of the room and reflect the client's comfort. A study corner is a place where you can connect with knowledge and when surrounded by plants, it makes it more peaceful. We customized the dining table with a wooden plank & chairs that are in sync with the wooden room divider to balance the details and enhance the atmosphere of the room. There is a science behind pattern as it tends to create illusions through horizontal and vertical lines. They cast an impression of a taller and broader-looking space. A mandala pattern to make a simple connection to the art along with clay craft art of rice plant in the dining room to make the atmosphere highly pleasing to the senses. When it comes to kitchen interior design, there is more to it than meets the eye. Before considering decorative features, it's important to get the flow of the space, the position of application, and work surfaces just appropriate to make sure that your space is functional in a way that suits you and your family's lifestyle needs. Considering that most of us will sleep one-third of our life away, our bed needs to be comfortable and inviting - a soft place to land at end of each busy day. Three frames in the owner's master bedroom represent three of his most beloved members 1. His family, 2. His daughter, and 3. Love of his life, his wife. You will win the heart of your little girl if you indulge her fantasies of living in a dreamy room. Soft pink walls with white ceilings and flooring, the daughter's room concept is based on a princess theme and to boost her passion for dance we have installed a king-size mirror to sharpen her skills in multiple ways.

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